Looking to conference play

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There is only one undefeated football team in the Mountain West Conference right now, but the BYU Cougars took a week off from conference play to face Eastern Washington.

After giving out a 42-7 drubbing to the Eagles, the Cougars can focus on winning the conference now.

Although the Cougars routed Eastern Washington, they will learn from their sometimes-sloppy play.

"I didn’t think our offense executed like they are capable of tonight," BYU Head Coach Bronco Mendenhall said. "It gives a great chance to add a different sense of urgency."

The Cougars played San Diego State this weekend and play Colorado State to finish an easier part of this season’s schedule.

While the defense only gave up a touchdown and intercepted three Eagles passes, including Corby Hodgkiss’s 39-yard touchdown return on the Eagles’s first possession of the game, the offense showed weaknesses against the lesser foe.

Quarterback Max Hall struggled going 15-for-30 with a touchdown and an interception, while freshman Harvey Unga was relied on heavily. The Cougars need to continue improving to get through the conference undefeated for the second time.

"I’m not very patient and I will have a sense of urgency to see improved play. I’m glad we are winning in the mean time, and that we’re undefeated in conference. But what I know has to happen is that we have to improve our level of play," Mendenhall said.

Hall added, "Obviously we have a lot of things we need to go back and look at-a lot of things that we can correct and fix-but I think our football team is getting better every week."

BYU has a few things going in its favor besides being the only undefeated team. Both teams right behind BYU in the standings, Air Force and New Mexico, have lost to BYU. Having three of the last four games at home is also a benefit the Cougars have going into the final month of the season.

On the flip side, the Cougars three toughest games could be their three final games against TCU, at Wyoming and the rivalry game against Utah.

The Cougars took the time and paid Eastern Washington to come, but it’s winning the conference that is their goal.

"Right now we get back to conference and we can focus in on that," Hall said.