Linsanity Jimmers Tebowmania

Tebow sucks, and Jimmer is what he is, but Linsanity is one hype train I’m happy to jump on.


Each has their own “thing” that distinguishes them. Jimmer is the nice boy from up-state New York with unlimited range and played basketball with prison inmates. Tebow is the son of Christian missionaries. He will never give up, and he’s the guy you’d want your sister to date. Jeremy Lin is the Harvard grad that nobody knew, was cut by two teams, played in the D-League and slept on his brother’s couch.


Tebow and Lin couldn’t have come up with more different paths to fame and glory, even if had they met in a star chamber and conspired with the Illuminati and Leonardo DaVinci.


Tebow was a top recruit coming out of high school, played as a freshman on a national championship team, won the Heisman as a sophomore, followed that up with another national championship, and was a first-round NFL draft pick.


He is the one percent.


Linsanity, on the other hand, is the ninety-nine, other than the fact that he went to Harvard. I am hesitant to jump on any bandwagon, but I’m always afraid that if it pans out I will have missed all the fun.


There is nothing wrong with Jimmer. I will always be grateful for his addition to my vocabulary. His hype appears to be unsustainable, but at least it was understandable. Tebow, on the other hand, boggles my mind. I get the likability factor, but the talent level is not even on par with most major college quarterbacks, let alone the elite in the NFL.


How the Broncos won games when he completed two passes is as incomprehensible to me as the makeup of the atmosphere of Jupiter. Winning can be a byproduct of everything and have very little to do with any individual by themselves but in football that rarely if ever is the quarterback


Some players are fun to watch even though they aren’t very good, some blow your mind by what they can do, and some are just plain bad and you don’t care.


And then there is Tebow.


Win or lose, no matter the stats he puts up, I can’t watch. It’s like watching a really awkward movie that’s supposed to be funny, but instead just makes you squirm in your seat. I admire him and what he stands for and want the best for him as a human being, but please don’t ever let him play in the Super Bowl or any other game I have to watch.


Jeremy Lin, on the other hand, has saved me from all the illogical hype and has given me pandemonium I can rationalize and identify with. He paid his dues playing four years in college and making his way from team to team and then Linsanity hit Gothom and all was right in the world.


Thank the heavens above that Linsanity just Jimmered Tebowmania and made sports hype fun again.


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