Isn’t something missing?

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Sports Column

Adam Cichoski | Sports writer | @adamcichoski

Remember back in high school, when this time of year came around? There was always an excitement that was in the air, and an event that everyone had their mind on, Homecoming. The guys were thinking of who to ask, the girls were picking out their dresses and the weekend was always kicked off the same way. On Friday night the whole school would go down to the football stadium to watch their team win. It was the best way to kick off the celebration. Homecoming royalty would be displayed on the field during halftime, and when your team won the excitement went through the roof. The players were champions, and the night was never forgotten. The weekend was started the right way.

It makes sense that we have a homecoming at UVU. Many people have fond memories of their homecoming from high school. Leading up to this homecoming though I just can’t help but feeling like something vital is missing from my high school years. A football game!

Why do we even bother having a homecoming if we don’t have a football team to cheer on? That was the best part! I know we have a game; two games actually with men’s and women’s soccer. I don’t mean any disrespect to soccer. It’s an exciting sport in its own right, but it just isn’t football.

There’s a reason the NFL is bigger than any other league in America right now. It’s because football has a way of getting people unbelievably excited. Think about the BYU/Boise State game we just saw a couple weeks ago. That game was electric! The entire city of Provo was rocking that evening. Could you imagine a better way to usher in a homecoming weekend?

Again, I don’t mean to detract from soccer. After all it’s the biggest sport in the world, and you’ll see that kind of excitement in the World Cup. Football owns this country though, and we love our football. Even if you aren’t a fan there’s no denying the excitement the homecoming game always brought to the weekend.

This homecoming will be great. Many people will enjoy themselves and memories will undoubtedly be made. For me, and I’m sure many other UVU students, there will be a big hole left this weekend. Something missing. A game to get me pumped. The football game that homecoming is normally based around will be missing.