In Memoriam

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Kenneth Dolezar

In Memoriam

"When I found out I said, ‘Let’s put hockey aside. He was more than a hockey coach. He was a dad, a brother, a friend and a mentor.’"
Head coach Matt Beaudry

"He did more for anyone and he did it for the players on the team but he was there for guys outside the team as well."
DJ Strader, hockey team member for three years.

"He always took the time to ask how you were doing, and it didn’t matter what it was. Whether hockey, school, girls or whatever, he was there for you."
Forward David Wyman

"He was the rock and the base of what we did. Without Coach Dolezar we wouldn’t even have a team. He was one of the first people I met in Utah and he helped me adjust when I got here . . . we lost a big part of this team."
Captain Eric Bowman