Holland leads UVU in loss to Grand Canyon

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Utah Valley University women’s basketball team faced off against Grand Canyon University, in an away game on March 3 in Phoenix, Ariz.

The first quarter was rough on the Wolverines with the score ending in the Antelope’s favor, 21-14. This brought the infamous “crazy” out of our Wolverines, showing in the second half when the Wolverines made eight unanswered points against Grand Canyon, leaving the score 27- 26 before halftime.

Halftime brought out the fire in the Antelopes, as they were able to make 11 unanswered points, leaving the Wolverines trailing 43-33. The Wolverines weren’t down for long, coming back in the four quarter and leaving no points by the Antelopes unanswered. However, the Antelopes came out on top 64-54, leaving the Wolverines with a ten point deficit and giving the win to Grand Canyon.

The most points scored this game for UVU were by junior Jordan Holland with fourteen points, followed closely by freshman Eve Brasilis, scoring ten. The most rebounds retrieved was by junior Alexis Cortez with nine followed by Holland with six.

The Wolverines will continue on their WAC road trip with their next destination being Bakersfield, Calif. on March 9.

Photo courtesy of UVU Athletics