Holiday sports gluttony

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Few things capture the feel of the holiday season like the smell and taste of good food.  Whether it’s your homemade southern specialty deep-fried turkey and sweet potato casserole or a store bought honey baked ham, the holidays are the holidays because of the way family is brought together by good food.


When the luster comes off is when you can’t help but digging into the left-overs before they have even had a chance to be put into their Tupperware resting place and stretching your waistline more than a size or two bigger, jeopardizing a holiday-hernia.


It’s not just the meals that reach up and smack you around, the endless cheese-balls and imitation “krab” dips will tantalize your taste buds and lull you to sleep as you drift deeper and deeper into that tryptophan induced stupor that will leave you wondering what the heck you were thinking.


To sound like an ACT question, not all holiday food junkies are sports fans but all sports fans are holiday food junkies. (I think all zips are zoodles and doesn’t that sound like a good game day snack?)


The meat and potatoes of the holiday sports scene is definitely football. Thanksgiving brings the beginning of the end for the NFL season as the playoff picture starts to come into focus. And thanks to the NFL network we now have three games available for our viewing pleasure.


As Christmas drew near the playoffs were cemented in the NFL and the college bowl season revs up and get’s primed for the national championship. New Years day may be the single greatest day for a football fan. Especially this year with two amazing finishes to the Fiesta and Rose Bowl. Even the smurf-turf bowl was a heck of a game.


Just as your sports waistband is pushed to the brink, the NBA decides to start their strike-shortened season Christmas day with what seemed like a couple dozen games. As a die-hard sports-fiend you are happier than a hog in mud.


But guess what, now there is college basketball and hockey. Just like going back for the left-overs you can’t help it even though you can’t figure out how you are able to rationalize and justify the gluttonous onslaught of competitive action.


As the new year and semester is ushered in, and the physical recovery from the exploding waistbands appears on the horizion, there is one cure for the mass amounts of television sports.


UVU basketball, live and in person. And the MAWL is now accepting applicants.


By Jonathan Boldt – Asst. Sports Editor