Highest preseason ranking for men’s lacrosse team

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Photo by David Roura

With a 6-7 overall record in the 2015 season, the Utah Valley University men’s lacrosse team is looking forward to 2016 to prove just how elite they really are.

UVU is 22nd in the preseason ranking, which marks the highest preseason ranking for the Wolverines in UVU club sports history. This season also marks the largest recruiting class in the Western United States, with a total of 36 recruits.

UVU is gearing up for what should be a very productive season. Having lost only two seniors, the Wolverines are looking forward to playing many great teams this season. They open the season against Weber State Oct. 8.

Some of the teams that head coach Brea Burbidge is looking forward to playing this season are Stanford University, and a rematch against in-state rival BYU—a team that beat them in a close match last season by only two points.

Burbidge believes that the outlook for this season is a great one.

“We feel very strongly about this year, that we’re going to get to the nationals, we missed playing the nationals by just a few points in the national tournament last season,” Burbidge said. “We will make the nationals this year, and after that is just a crap shoot.”

With several returning players such as Brian Quick, Justin Haas and Chad Madsen, Burbidge believes they will bring the experience and leadership needed for the new recruits, which is something that can help them reach the ultimate goal of making nationals.

Having only lost one coach during the offseason, not only the team, but the coaching staff will also be almost intact.

“We are picking up a guy named Brandon Horoba who was the head coach at Brighton High School last year, he has won four state championships,” Burbidge said. “He is coming on as our new offensive coordinator.”

Another addition to the coaching staff is a former BYU goalie, Rob Osler, who will be coming on as a goalie coach, according to Burbidge.

With a Coach of the Year award under his belt and starting his second year as head coach, Burbidge has raised the bar high, but he is very determined to coach this team to its full potential this season.