For a good time, join the MAWL

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Photo courtesy of UVU Review

Every school that has an athletic program needs the support of its students. The Duke Blue Devils are known for the Cameron Crazies, the Utah Utes jump with the MUSS and the BYU Cougars bring the noise with the ROC. UVU students cheer on their classmates from the MAWL, the Mighty Athletic Wolverine League. The MAWL is run by students for students.

“Our goal is to promote school pride and connection between students, specifically at athletic events,” said MAWL president Tanner McQuivey. “We provide a fun, upbeat atmosphere in our student section so that we can support our teams and build friendships so that students can enjoy all the games whether they like sports or not.”

UVU students get into sporting events for free with their student ID card, but the MAWL serves to enhance that experience. The MAWL organizes tailgates with free food before sporting events and gives swag packs to its members at the games. MAWL members will receive free items at games in addition to the free t-shirt and scarf upon signing up. You will get set up with quality Wolverine gear just for joining in the fun of the MAWL.

The MAWL tries to give its members the best experience possible. One thing they do to enhance the experience for their members is banquets with UVU athletes. This is an exclusive experience for MAWL members where they are allowed to eat dinner and mingle with the athletes and get to know them on a personal level.

Students who join the MAWL get to join their classmates at UVU sporting events in some of the best seats in the house. In the fall, the MAWL is placed front and center at midfield to watch UVU’s soccer teams as they both attempt to make repeat runs at the NCAA tournament. Then they are strategically placed directly across the court from the visiting bench during basketball season.

The MAWL gets raucous every weekend as the 12th Wolverine cheers on our top notch soccer teams at the soccer field. The loudest I have ever heard the MAWL was during a win over Weber State in double overtime at the UCCU Center on a cool December night last season. So join the fray.

Every student that is interested in sports or having a good time with their friends should join the MAWL. The entrance fee is $20, but the return is priceless. Cheer on UVU’s rising stars with your new friends and get rowdy. Chant “Listen to the Pope!” with the rest of the MAWL when men’s basketball coach Mark Pope gets after an official. There are many ways to enjoy your experience while at UVU, but there’s no better way than cheering on the Wolverines from the sidelines.