Football club advances in playoffs

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By: Jessica Whalen [email protected]

The Wolverines advanced in the playoffs for the fourth time in four years in the Utah Tackle Football League. UVU defeated the Iron Wolves in a 14-7 win Saturday Oct. 26.

The Wolverines began their season with high expectations to advance to the championship for the third time. UVU started their season with a shutout, which gave the players the confidence boost to believe in their potential, their ideal ending being a championship win.

The team entered the playoffs as the fourth seed with a 3-2 season record. The Wolverines were able to knock off back-to-back champions, the Iron Wolves by an electrifying defense.

UVU struggled in their two losses earlier this season due to injury and mishaps with the defense. Yet, they were able to capitalize on every opportunity given to them this time.

“The biggest reason for winning in the first round was great defense, containing a very mobile quarterback, along with our offense running the ball very well,” said safety Jordan Gleason.

It appeared as if the streak was going to continue for the third time as the Iron Wolves quarterback Sam Thomas ran for 10 yards on the opening drive. The Wolves were able to continue to run the ball down the field. However, the momentum was stopped by a sack from Alan Sheffer. This forced the Iron Wolves to punt the ball.

The Wolverines’ first drive of the game was lead by some great running, leading to perfect field position. Quarterback Kyler Frampton lead the Wolverines down field with some deep throws that lead to a score off of a 30 yeard bomb and the team leading 7-0.

“The air attack of quarterback Kyler Frampton to wide receivers Gunnar Plotts and Matt Roberts led us in our win over the Iron Wolves,” said linebacker Hans Gaul.

The Iron Wolves were looking to even the score and gain some momentum. Thomas threw a strong 50-yard deep ball and set up in the red zone, with a first and goal. The Iron Wolves punched the ball in, evening the score at 7.

The Wolverines opened up the second half with the ball. However, they were not able to convert on a third down. With everyone thinking “punt,” the Wolverines had other plans. Chase Orwin faked the punt, running for 40 yards. The fake punt kept momentum in the Wolverines favor.

After the fake punt, the Wolverines had a huge up-swing in gameplay. Frampton threw for a twenty-yard gain that landed them on the one-yard line. On the next play, Orwin ran up the middle getting the touchdown and the UVU took a 14-7 lead.

However, the Wolverines gave some momentum back to the Iron Wolves on a Frampton interception. But, the Wolverine defense tightened up and forced an interception for themselves. The defensive performance from the Wolverines was the key factor in stopping the Iron Wolves from completing a comeback and ended the game at 14-7.

Frampton is second in the league with passing yards at 696, Roberts is number one with receiving yards at 322, Orwin is number one with rushing yards at 326, Sheffer is number two with tackles at 22, and Jake Jensen is number two with sacks at 3.

Up next for UVU are the Eagles on November 2, at 11a.m. at Lakeridge Junior High. The Eagles had their first win over the Wolverines earlier in the season at 20-12. The Wolverines are looking to make it back to the championship and are focused on beating the Eagles.

We’ll have to wait and see if the Wolverines can make it to their third championship and take the title home again.