Disc golf league finally makes it big

Reading Time: 2 minutes

I’m sure you’ve heard of disc golf before, but do you really know what it is, or the rules of the game? Around campus, there is a course, which recently got expanded to 18-holes which anyone can come out and compete on.

How do you sign up or become a part of this fun and exciting game? Each Tuesday and Thursday the Intramurals club hosts a tournament that anyone can come and participate in for free.

On Tuesdays, there are two-man team tournaments, so if you have little or no experience, don’t worry, you’ll be placed with someone who’s more experienced to teach you the rules and play the game. On Thursdays, there is a singles tournament where it’s only one-man teams. Both days you have the chance to win up to $50 in numerous prizes ranging from t-shirts, to gift cards and even a disc to use you’re next time around.

Over the last year, there have been over 250 discs sold, and another 250 given away to participants in these tournaments. You can either rent or buy your discs from the Outdoor Adventures Club (OAC), which is located in the student center. They’re open from 8:30 a.m.–6 p.m. Mon.-Fri. and closed on weekends. The cost of renting a set of discs, which includes a putter, mid-range and driver, runs from $2 dollars a day and $3 for a weekend.

The kickoff for the league was on Sept. 8 and there were over 20 participants there to compete, which was a great showing for the first day.  Now with the word starting to get out, and more and more people becoming familiar with the rules and how to play, the golf disc league is anticipating many more competitors at the next few events.

The course is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. If you have any questions regarding the league, you can stop by the Intramurals office, and also pick up your free score card to get going. Come out with your friends and don’t let another day go by without testing your skills out on the course.