Denny improving and progressing

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UVU Athletics

UVU Athletics

Jordahn Denny’s family remains positive and thankful nearly 50 days after the softball player was thrown from her vehicle in a car accident that paralyzed her from the mid torso down.

With each day that goes by, Jordahn keeps improving more and more as she remains in rehabilitation in Denver, working hard doing physical therapy.

“The doctors said that they are seeing reducement in the swelling of the spinal cord in the neck which is allowing her more use of her arms and hands,” said mother Chamala Denny.

Jordahn has begun doing little things such as helping to dress herself and brushing her teeth.

With a tracheotomy tube still in place, Jordahn is able to communicate by giving hand signals, mouthing words and writing. Doctors will soon be replacing her tube with a speaking valve, which will allow Jordahn to talk.

Chamala Denny also stated that Jordahn’s brain trauma has improved but added, “There continues to be bruising in the information processing parts of the brain, but they also expect more improvement.”

“Jordahn was able to eat for the first time early last week,” said Chamala Denny. “A bag of Cheetos! She had been asking for them for nearly a week.”

In physical therapy, Jordahn currently focuses on specific tasks.

“She has begun throwing bean bags into a bucket [with] a goal of 20 and made it, playing cards and learning to balance herself,” said Chamala Denny.

According to Jordahn’s mother, doctors gave the Denny family an expected rehabilitation release date of early September, “at which time she will return home to Pocatello to continue re-entering a normal life setting.”

Donations to assist with Jordahn’s medical expenses can still be made at any US Bank or Wells Fargo Branch.