Decade of Sports in Review | QF S2 Ep10

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Andrew and Tanner Discuss recent events regarding local, Utah, and national sports. In this episode, they all discuss moments that defined the decade in sports.

The UVU Review

  1. Men’s basketball: Isaiah White’s buzzer beater ends losing streak
  2. Women’s basketball: Yikes
  3. Special Segment: Personal moment of the decade for UVU Athletics

The In State Special

  1. BYU football/basketball – Hawaii Bowl, Dec. 24 vs Hawaii
  2. Utah football/basketball – Alamo Bowl, Dec. 31 vs Texas
  3. Utah State football/basketball – Miami Beach Bowl vs Kent State, tomorrow
  4. Utah Jazz
  5. Moment of the decade in Utah

National Story: College football playoff discussionNational moment of the decade

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Hosts: Andrew Creer and Tanner Heath  
Production, Editing, and Mixing by: Ethan Young  
Designed By: Ysabel Berger
(Original Air Date: 12/23/19)