Crazy, crazy college football

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Maybe we should have known we were in for a crazy, ridiculous, exciting season of college football when Appalachian State beat then-ranked No. 5 Michigan in The Big House the first week of the season.

If you didn’t realize it at that point, you must have known when five of the top ten teams went down in the same week something was fishy.

Things were just getting started.

Southern California went down to, of all the Pac-10 teams, Stanford. Louisiana State, the No. 1 team, lost to Kentucky in overtime opening the door for California to take over as the No. 1 team.

Of course that wasn’t going to happen. California lost to Oregon State the same day LSU got beat in overtime by the Wildcats.

After another wild and unbelievable day of upsets, Ohio State and South Florida are one and two, respectively, in the first BCS standings.

The South in front of Florida is no mistake.

Yes, South Florida, the Bulls, ranked for the first time ever this year and a program only 11 years in existence, four years fewer than our college has been UVSC, has a shot at the national championship.

And of course the Bulls fell as soon as they got the ranking.
If that doesn’t have you believing this is the wackiest, zaniest college football season ever who knows what will.

Wouldn’t it have been great to see South Florida in the championship game? The way this season is going it was probably only a matter of time before the Bulls fell victim to the upset epidemic, Rutgers took care of that, as well as the Buckeyes.

This season, being in the top ten only means a loss is going to happen some time to some inferior team.

Oklahoma, which lost to Colorado earlier this year, will still be in the mix as well as LSU when the end of the season comes.
 The way the BCS works those teams probably helped their cause by losing early rather than late. That is if they can avoid another bite from the upset bug. LSU still has a SEC Championship Game to think about.

And the Sooners will have to win a Big 12 Championship Game, which could be against currently undefeated Kansas.
Kansas, a threat in the Big 12 and this isn’t even basketball. It goes to show you the wild ride isn’t close to over. It’s half over and only four of the week-one top ten teams in the AP Poll are still in the top ten but none of the top three are the same, Ohio State, South Florida and Boston College, all still undefeated.

The college football bizzarro world still has a chance to make things right. We could go in the same direction the season has gone down, with teams getting upset on a weekly basis or we could see the college football gods set things right by giving the Buckeyes a couple of losses, South Florida dropping a few on the backend of its Big East schedule and Boston College coming back to earth in the ACC.

LSU would reclaim its spot at the top and Oklahoma or USC would be right behind them playing in the Championship game.

But who wants to see that?