Calling the MAWL

Reading Time: 3 minutes

We have a group at school, the MAWL, which claims to be the voice of UVU Athletics, according to their twitter account. They have over 1,200 VIP members and memberships are up 800 percent. The MAWL has provided UVU with attendance setting records at men and women’s soccer games over the past two seasons, which is great. At certain basketball games, such as New Mexico State or Weber State, this group shows that it can be a great asset to UVU Athletics. The MAWL also set a new record for attendance at the BYU-UVU volleyball game on September 19. It is a group that has the potential to be great.

However, there is an inconsistency with this group that I believe if addressed could make the home court advantage for the UVU athletic teams even better. At many of the men’s basketball games this season, according to the pictures that have been taken by photographers, there have probably been an average of 35-40 students standing in the MAWL section each game. Many of those in attendance are regulars when it comes to attending UVU sporting events.

But if the MAWL truly has 1,200 members, why aren’t more of those members attending men and women’s basketball games, or even wrestling meets for that matter? Why is it that when I turned on the women’s basketball game that was promoting breast cancer awareness, I only saw six members of the MAWL in attendance? Or why is it that when a wrestler is asked at the Winter Sports Banquet what his favorite thing about the MAWL is he responds the free food they get at events?

People might think I am out to get the MAWL or even UVUSA with this column. Those people would be mistaken. I am writing this column because I love this university and I love our athletic teams and they deserve better than what the students are giving them. Yes, right now we don’t win all the championships, or every game, but these student-athletes put in the time and dedication that deserves respect and support.

Here are a few things I believe will help the MAWL reach out to more of their VIP members and get them to games.

1. Be active on your twitter account. If there is a home game on a Thursday night, start tweeting about it on Monday. Put a tweet out every day of the week leading up to the game, letting everyone know where and when the game is. And as soon as that game is over start tweeting about the Saturday night game. Tweets are easy and cheap. People can’t attend games if they don’t know where and when games are.

2. Get involved with the UVU Athletics Sports Marketing team. They want to help. They are willing to get the players and coaches involved in marketing games on campus.

3. Get your MAWL committee members active on Wolverine Wednesdays and get them out in The Zone from time to time letting students know there is a game coming up.

4. Have viewing parties for away games that are big matchups for teams. When the men’s basketball team travels to play Seattle on Feb. 27, it will have seeding implications for the WAC tournament and might be cool to get your members together, or other students together to watch it, and cheer on the Wolverines.

5. Remember that you are the student section of UVU Athletics. Your chants, your noise, your support can and does make a difference in close games. Regardless, if you have a tailgate for a game or not, every game should be important.

I know that the MAWL is out there and I know that it has the potential to be great. If you truly bleed green and truly do “Listen to the Pope” then you will get out and support your teams with an even greater passion and desire than you currently have.