Calling All Players

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Winter 2015 Intramurals Begin

Matt Bowen, Staff Photographer

Matt Bowen, Staff Photographer

Dustan Copeland | Sports Writer | @dustycopey

Did you love playing sports back in high school? If you are like me, the answer is a resounding “YES!” Whether it was football, basketball, or track, sports are what made high school worth it.

Unfortunately, a relatively few amount of us move on to play ball on a collegiate level. It turns out that D-1 schools aren’t necessarily looking for 5’9 forwards to play on their basketball team. I can try to walk on, but Mitch Bruneel would probably stuff me every time I drove in the paint.

But, does that mean my athletic career ended when I got my diploma? Not at all! And guess what? It hasn’t ended for you, either. Just go to and click on the IMLeagues link. There, you will find a variety of sports to sign up for. This includes basketball, volleyball, indoor soccer, outdoor soccer, and flag football. You can also find information at the Student Life And Wellness Center (You know, the place with the sweet gym and bowling alley).

If those leagues don’t necessarily appeal to you, you can always follow @UVUintramurals on Twitter and stay posted on all of the activities going on at the Wellness Center. There’s something going on almost every night. Those activities include floor hockey and, of course, laser tag.

The entry fee is usually only $5-$10 for team sports and $10-$15 for individual sports. A lot of times, the admission is free if you are a student or faculty/staff member, so keep an eye on those posters around campus. It’s something that even if you are a starving student you can still afford to go and enjoy. If you aren’t a student, there is no need to worry. Just purchase a $20 guest pass, and you’ll be good to go.

If you don’t have enough people to create a team, or if your friends aren’t big on the sport you want to play, don’t fret. A previously formed team will pick you up. The mission statement of the Intramural Office says that one of its main goals is to help every student find their niche on campus. They aren’t looking to exclude anyone. Rather, their purpose to help everyone feel at home and grow. It’s all about developing relationships and enjoying your college experience.

So, what are you waiting for? Pull out those high tops. Dust off those cleats. It’s time to play some ball.