Belated New Year’s resolutions

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Early January is the worst time of year for regular gym rats. It’s the only time the gyms are more crowded than most Kiyspy Kreme locations and the wait to use the weights is so long that the dude bros are forced to take extra shots of Creatine between each muscle-building exercise.

New Year’s resolutions motivate individuals to lose weight, quit smoking, change attitudes and do well in school – for about three weeks. Then there’s a softening of the discipline and eventually that jelly donut just becomes more comforting than an hour on the elliptical machine.

These resolutions to become better in different aspects of our lives are even popular among the athletic department at UVU. For instance, men’s basketball coach Dick Hunsaker should resolve to continue to be the best-dressed coach in the world of college basketball. The only coach who even comes close to rivaling Hunsaker’s blazer choices is Tennessee men’s basketball coach Bruce Pearl. His bright orange jacket shows he truly is a Volunteer.

For Cathy Nixon, a win would be nice. The lady Wolverines have lost nine straight games. Part of her resolution should be to find a way to get Robin Fairbanks another year of eligibility and proceed to wipe the floor with opponents as in years past. For Nixon and the Wolverines there is somewhat of a silver lining, as six freshmen are currently getting much-needed experience and should give the program a boost in the years ahead.

Scott Houle, the coach of the Wolverine track and field teams, should resolve to maintain his ride of success. After guiding his teams to the men’s and women’s Great West Conference Outdoor Track and Field Championships a season ago, and being named GWC coach of the year, he just needs to do what he’s been doing and take aim at the next step.

New Year’s resolutions are like rules; they are made to be broken. Hopefully this year though, we can all successfully fulfill our resolutions to become better.

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