Apology in advance to Wolverine spring sports

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Nothing is worse than a story that cuts off just as it’s getting good. Unfortunately for UVU spring sports, it’s a yearly occurrence when it comes to their coverage from the UVU REVIEW.


Next week is the publication’s graduation issue, and after that there’s roughly a month-and-a-half layoff before summer issues are produced and printed by a new staff. Even online coverage, which until now has filled the gaps and covered games between print editions, falters a considerable degree.


Spring sports are the biggest losers in this lack of timeliness. Conference play has hardly begun. Team identities and individual stars have just begun to come to light. Worst of all, the conference tournaments take place during the aforementioned dead period, making for a startling silence during their loudest part of the season.


Editor-in-chief elect Jonathan Boldt has already expressed desires to ensure online coverage during the conference tournaments of baseball and softball, both of which are hosted by UVU in late May.


This isn’t an effort to put Boldt on the spot as much as an attempt to tell spring sports that yes, we’re aware of what you’re doing. Frankly it’s impossible to simply stop noticing. Baseball is in the midst of an 11-game winning streak. Softball continues its best start in program history. Track & field continues to dominate the Great West Conference.


We’re not the only ones dropping off even as spring sports pick up speed. With school over in less than two weeks, much of UVU’s tenuous fan base will also be absent. It’s a collective lull at the worst possible time.


It’s also one of the many reasons I’m glad to be recently employed at the Daily Herald. I may get to see and write the end of these stories. They’re endings that, frankly, I don’t want to miss.


And neither do you.


By Matt Petersen
Sports Editor


Matt Petersen can be reached at [email protected].