Allyce Jones digs her way into record books

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Dave Iba/UVU Review

Dave Iba/UVU Review

During Thanksgiving break 2006, Allyce Jones received a phone call that changed her volleyball career and brought her to UVU.

“It was the best Thanksgiving ever,” said Jones who received the call from UVU women’s volleyball coach Sam Atoa. Prior to UVU, Jones played her freshman season at Snow College.

Jones grew up in Pleasant Grove and has played volleyball since she was a kid. “I started playing when I was 11, just recreation ball and church ball and then I started
playing club volleyball,” said Jones. “I just loved every second of it, just the fact of keeping the ball off the ground, it’s just a crazy sport.”

During her career at UVU, Jones has surpassed the record for the highest number of digs in a career and holds that record at 1,325. Jones is also the current record holder of the most digs per set at 5.16.

You won’t see Jones worrying about the records she’s set while at UVU, but you’ll see her constantly supporting her teammates. “Everything that she does is just very team oriented, putting every one else first,” said Atoa.

Jones has been a captain on the volleyball team for all three years she’s been here and says, “It’s been great.  I love it because I’m so connected with Sam and the coaches.  I love being there for the girls, because I just love them so much.”

This season Jones and her teammates had the opportunity to compete against some high ranked teams and say’s it’s something you look forward to your whole life. “Being able to play against players that are just top notch and to compete with them and do well, even win, it has definitely been an honor to have them in the gym.”
Being a student athlete takes a lot and Jones credits her volleyball career to the athletics program, her teammates and her coaches. “I do have a love of the game, but it’s more of a love of this whole program and love of the girls and love of my coaches,” said Jones. “Sam teaches you things about life, he doesn’t just teach you things about how to be a better volleyball player, its all about how to be a better person. He doesn’t just make great players, he makes great people.”

Jones is majoring in health education and hopes to teach in high school while coaching either volleyball or tennis.