A crazy week with crazy results

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Unexpected results equal surprise wins

Adam Cichoski | Sports writer | @AdamCichoski

An unpredictable week leads to a crazy week in the Sports Writers fantasy football league. Many games that were projected to be close were anything but.

Team Morin (1-1) and Here so I Don’t Get Fined (1-1) were projected to be in a close match, but things did not work out for Morin. Weak performances by Sam Bradford, CJ Anderson, and the Ravens Defense made things hard for Morin. Fined benefitted from strong performances by Peyton Manning, Doug Baldwin and Giovanni Bernard and won this game handily by a score of 87-34.

Slammin’ Fortes (2-0) continue to dominate with the duo of Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski.  A big day from Steven Gostkowski also helped. Seven of Fortes’ nine players scored double digit points as they rolled Victory Formation (0-2), who also had a promising day, but injuries to Tony Romo and Eddie Lacy kept him from having the game he could have. Fortes’ took it 118-57.

Mr. Sports Editor (1-1) was ahead going into Monday night against Eazy G (2-0).  However, Eazy G pulled away on Monday night after Brandon Marshall put up 100 yards and a touchdown, coupled with Jets Defense forcing five turnovers. Editor was riding big performances from Emmanuel Sanders, Amari Cooper and Matt Ryan, with Eazy G countering with huge performances from Antonio Brown and Julian Edelman. Editor was up by comfortable margin going into Monday, but the Jets dominance gave Eazy G the win, 110-94.

The Las Vegas Locos (2-0) and Team Poffenberger (0-2) were involved in another exciting match. Both the Locos and Poffenberger received great play out of their Defenses and quarterbacks. The matchup was pretty even except for one part, the running backs. Poffenberger’s running backs were outscored 25-5, effectively putting the match out of reach with the Locos winning, 109-70.

Breesus King of the Drews (0-2) was in great position to beat Amazing St. Patrick’s (1-1) but Patricks’ pulled it out. Drews was looking for another great game from Carlos Hyde, but he was stuffed in Pittsburgh and Drews suffered for it. Patricks’ had surprise performances from Larry Fitzgerald and Allen Robinson, the two combining for five touchdowns and 56 fantasy points. Drews saw big games from Odell Beckham Jr. and Mason Crosby, but it just wasn’t enough to overcome Patricks’ surprising play from his receivers. Patricks’ took this one, 106-86.

The scores don’t indicate how close all these games were and there are lots of exciting matchups to look forward to next week.