As the men’s soccer club team approaches the middle of their season, the team holds confidence for themselves while also focusing on areas of improvement. UVU has shown themselves to be a strong team with home wins against Westminster College and a physical Salt Lake Community College, a team that has annually among the top three vying for the Northwest Regional Championship.

UVU’s record now stands at 3-2-0. The two losses have been against Utah State, which has proven to be UVU’s biggest competitor this year. After a loss in Logan earlier to start the season, UVU hosted the Aggies last Saturday for another loss at 4-3.

UVU has only two competitors left on the schedule this season they haven’t already faced: Boise State University and Webar State University’s A-team. Midfielder Cameron Brink has a solid feel for how the team will match up against other opponents; especially following the win against high-ranked SLCC.

“I just really want to see how Weber’s A-team plays,” Brink said. “If we do well against them I think we have a good chance.”

Head coach Kemal Makasci believes Utah Valley will continue to succeed if they can improve on keeping control of the game and manipulate a stronger finish. Makasci would also like to see a full bench. UVU has been without forward Matt Tidwell, who was injured while playing Weber State’s B-Team.

“We have a finishing problem,” Makasci said. “If we have a full team, I believe we have a 90 percent chance to beat the other team.”

Mario Lopez, an assistant captain, feels the same way.

“I would like to see that we keep more possession of the game,” Lopez said. “Regardless of the score, it’s always nice to know that the game was at your feet and that you controlled most of the ball.”

For a college team, it’s almost impossible to reach a point of pure comfort throughout the season. Makasci, however, feels they can get close if he can lead the team to improve their transitions from offence to defense, along with improving their substitutes to come out strong.

UVU will play at home again on Oct. 15 as they host Boise State University.