According to Randam House Dictionary, “sportsmanship” can be seen defined as: 1. the character, practice, or skill of a sportsman, and 2. sportsmanlike conduct, as fairness, courtesy, being a cheerful loser, etc.


Most sports fans show sportsmanship when they are cheering for a team, but there are always those that don’t.



UVU students and Wolverine fans that left after finals missed a great game of athleticism as well as a game of sportsmanship.


When Utah State came to town over Christmas break, they brought many Aggie fans with them. At this game, Wolverine fans got a taste of poor sportsmanship from the Aggie fans.


The Aggies sported their deep blue and white colors as they filled an entire section in the UCCU Center Dec. 18 to watch their team take a game from Utah Valley.


The game between the Wolverines and the Aggies was not just a game of sport, but also a game of Wolverine sportsmanship.


Things like, “You suck,” and “You still suck,” were heard throughout the game from the boisterous Aggie student section in the UCCU Center.


When freshman standout Holton Hunsaker, son of UVU men’s basketball Coach Dick Hunsaker, had the ball, those in attendance could also hear “Daddy’s boy” being shouted from the Aggie’s section.


The Utah State student section definitely overpowered the Wolverine student section, the MAWL, in numbers, but not in sportsmanship.
The Wolverine fans remained composed and cheered on their team until the final buzzer.


All sports fans love their teams and will cheer them on from the sidelines, even from the nose bleeder seats.


As an avid sports fan myself, I pose a challenge to fans: Attend the games of  “your team” and show good sportsmanship while in attendance.


Ask any athlete and they will tell you that they love having fans at their games. They love playing for their fans. The athletes of all our teams need us to be there for them to cheer them on with good sportsmanship.


Be there for “your team,” but do it with good sportsmanship.