Three-pointers are the name of the game for UVU’s own number 3, Julie McMurray.

Currently averaging 19 points per game, McMurray hits three-pointers like Ryan Toolson hits free throws.

McMurray, a junior studying P.E. teaching and exercise science, is referred to as the ‘hustle’ of the team. After growing up in Cardston, Alberta Canada McMurray was recruited by UVU to join the team in 2006.

UVU is lucky to have such a great player and some may ask what brought this 6’0 star basketball player to Orem all the way from a small town in Canada. “I think one of the main things was I had played with Robin (Fairbanks) and against Robin and I loved playing with her,” said McMurray.

McMurray also added, “We’re really good friends and I heard she had a successful season down here and she said she really liked it so I got offered the opportunity and I thought it would be fun to play with Robin again.”

McMurray and Fairbanks, referred to as the Canadian duo, have played together or against each other since the eighth grade.

Growing up in southern Alberta, basketball was the obvious choice for McMurray to play since it is such a popular sport not only to play, but to watch as well. She said, “My whole family plays basketball. It’s just a big family sport, it’s very competitive up in southern Alberta.”

McMurray’s passion for the game is evident. “I love being out there on the court with all my teammates, because those are my best friends, and there’s nothing more fun to do than play basketball with your best friends. I just love the game,” McMurray said.

One of McMurray’s favorite moments in basketball is, she says, “when any game comes down to the wire. When it is close and you end up winning that’s probably the one of the best feelings ever.”

With her senior year approaching, McMurray has a goal for a winning season. “I think next year it will be more of a challenge, because without Robin and other seniors we’re losing, we’re going to have a lot of freshmen coming in and we’ll be really young and inexperienced,” McMurray said.

Even with the thought of losing so many players next year, McMurray still has hope and said, “I think it will definitely be a rebuilding season for us, but I still think we can have a winning record if we all pull together.”