Sure, Tom Brady is one of the best quarterbacks the NFL has ever seen will be in the game.


Oh, and Eli Manning is the one who handed the undefeated Patriots in 07 their only loss of their perfect season.


Not to mention the fact the game will be played in big brother Peyton’s town of Indianapolis as little brother tries to win exactly one more ring than him.


Who would want to see such a thing? And a rematch? Didn’t Americans see a lackluster rematch this year called the BCS national championship?


Either way, when the dust settles, one thing is for sure. Tom Brady wants revenge.


Just as Alabama unleashed a beatdown on what looked like the kittens of LSU, will Tom Brady do the same to the not-so-little Giants? If there’s any quarterback that wants to put a stamp as the all-time greatest, it surely must be Brady.


His only Super Bowl loss came at the hands of Eli Manning. Without his unkind interruption, Tom Brady would be a perfect 4-0 in the Super Bowl. Instead he’s 3-1, refusing to this day to watch film of his lone defeat of that season.


The Patriots, the four-point favorite, are entering their seventh franchise Super Bowl appearance. The Giants have five such appearances.


Some of the two biggest TV markets, New York and Boston will once again have reason to drool for their teams, as other not-so-lucky football fans of other teams gather around the tube to keep tradition alive.


What reasons do you watch this game? Is it love for the sport? The halftime shows? The commercials?


The truth is, any reason won’t quite cut it this year. Turn your television’s off, take the chicken wings and veggie tray back, and go on a bike ride, because the Super Bowl isn’t just super this time around.


Enormous and mind-blowing might be a little more accurate.


By Josh Cann
Sports Writer