Napoleon Aniciete is a 157-pound wrestler for UVU and has quickly become one of several fan favorites on the team. Sports writer Garrett Coleman had a chance to catch up with the freshman out of Las Vegas, Nev., and find out more about him.


Q: How did you start wrestling?

A: My uncle got me into wrestling when I was four years old, and my dad said ‘let’s give a try.’ I was a natural at it and I’ve just been wrestling ever since.


Q: How well did you wrestle in high school?

A: In high school I won state three years I wrestled. I didn’t wrestle my sophomore year, but my senior year I went undefeated. I had a pretty good high school career.


Q: If you weren’t wrestling what else would you be doing?

A: I would just be going to school.


Q: Where did your parents get the name Napoleon from? Not too many people have that name.

A: My dad wanted to name me after his dad, he didn’t know his dad too well and wanted to name me that. People think that I’m French because of it but I’m not.


Q: What do you do for training?

A: Lift weights. I love lifting, it’s a big thing that I like to do.


Q: How much can you bench?

A: Before the season I benched 350.


Q: What is your ideal date with the ladies?

A: Well I’ve got a girlfriend and we met in high school. She likes the beach and I like California so a dinner on the beach and just hanging out and enjoying swimming and eating food.


Q: Are you a gamer?

A: No, not really. If I do play video games its either Madden, or NBA Live.