Rock Canyon offers one of many sites student climbers can take advantage of. Wrestling looks to make next step. Courtesy of Andy Earl

For those looking to find a way into the outdoors, UVU boasts all the tools to start.

The Outdoor Adventure Center has a climbing trip planned for St. George November 4-6 that will guide students to some amazing climbing destinations. The OAC periodically plans trips of this nature that are extremely affordable for students.

UVU students are privy to some of the world’s best and most accessible rock climbing. Within a couple hours’ driving distance, there are thousands of routes available for all climbing disciplines.

The Outdoor Recreation Department, coupled with the OAC, makes access for students safe and easy. The Recreation department has rock climbing classes that can equip students with the necessary knowledge to head up to the nearest wall and climb safely.

“Even though the Outdoor Recreation major has become more academic, those classes still serve the same purpose,” said Exercise Science and Outdoor Recreation Department Chair Jason V. Slack. “They are for students to be active and participating. The indoor climbing courses are all taught at The Quarry, and the outdoor climbing classes are taught by an adjunct faculty member.”