Even with the opening of a new Cinemark movie theater at the University Mall and the rowdy nightlife Utah County has to offer, the best bet for entertainment could be right inside the McKay Center at UVU.

With the men’s and women’s basketball seasons now underway, you can see the performance of a lifetime as Ryan Toolson and Robyn Fairbanks take the floor for their respective teams. Not even in the Marriot Center can you see such a dominant performance by a single athlete night in and night out.

However, if a tree falls in the woods and nobody’s around to see it, does it make any noise? Thus it is for the UVU basketball season. If Toolson continues to score nearly 24 points a game with jaw dropping threes and precision free throw shooting, but no one is around to witness it, did it really happen?

In order to ensure the Wolverines continue their recent success — and show up, for that matter — the seats need to be filled. Otherwise, if no one is there to witness the spectacle, what’s the point of having players like Toolson and Fairbanks, or having a basketball team at all?

This season, the Men’s team welcomes Utah State to the McKay Center, a team that historically has been a power in the Western Athletic Conference. In addition, Southern Utah comes to Orem to battle out the in-state rivalry. The Women’s team also provides an exciting home schedule, playing host to the SEC’s Mississippi State as well as Utah State and Southern Utah.

As the Wolverines continue to grow as a program and become NCAA eligible next season, fan support will play a role in how far UVU can progress. If the Wolverines hope to become a recognizable name in the state and in the nation, a dedicated fan following can only help that effort.