Knocking in one goal after another, Utah Valley was able to beat the University of Utah 13-1 in its second game of the season.  Although it was apparent that the game was going downhill for the Utes, the Utah Valley players still played their hardest on the ice.

"The thing I really liked about last week’s game was that we played with a lot of intensity for the duration of the game when it was obvious that the game was out of control. The guys kept working hard," said Utah Valley Coach Matt Beaudry.

Goaltender Colin Stebner had 26 saves and only allowed the Utes a lone goal in period three. Jeremy Martin, Slava Ivaneko, Zeph Fagergren and David Wyman each scored two goals along with Joey Bakosh, DJ Strader, Seth Armitage, Chris Glen and Mike Daugulis each scoring one goal.   

With a score like 13-1, it might sound like nothing exciting happened but because of the intensity of the Utah Valley team, there was still plenty of bashing, colliding and fighting on the ice. At one point in the game, the puck flew into the crowd and a player broke his hockey stick.

Not only did the team keep the intensity on the ice, but the crowd in the stands did too.

"They’re always cheering for us no matter how many goals we made. In this last game, there were quite a few goals and they were still cheering just as loud in the beginning of the game as they were at the end of the game. It definitely helps to play when they’re like that," said defender Jeremy Martin. 

The team now has two wins at home and is looking for more to come.

"We matched up really well against Utah State and University of Utah," said Stebner. The team proved they play well against the Aggies and the Utes, but their most anticipated match is against their biggest rival, BYU.

The games with BYU are known as the "Battle for Valley Supremacy" which is a two-part series where the teams play each other in the fall and again in the spring. Last year, Utah Valley won in the fall, but then lost in the spring. This year, the team is looking to win both parts of the "Battle for Valley Supremacy." Their first game against BYU is scheduled for Oct. 19, 8:30 p.m. at the Peaks Ice Arena.