Nothing ventured, nothing gained, states the great maxim. The intramurals department is all about fun, challenges and socializing. In addition, you get to engage actively in a hobby that does not require you to attend training sessions. All you have to do is be there and participate. And the most exciting thing is that you have unlimited choices.

Last week the Intramurals department held a golf tournament at East Bay golf course in south Provo; 11 participants took part in an entertaining and challenging event. Bocce ball was played on Sep. 25 at the courtyard — the game, which is all about rolling balls of different colors and sizes, is meant to reveal participants’ strategy and precision.

This week on Thursday Oct. 2, a rock, paper, scissors tournament will be held at the art wall, opposite the bookstore. In the event, 32 to 64 participants will take part in a competitive environment, and the champion will win gift cards to the outdoor adventure center. This tournament will prove if you are just a lucky fellow, experienced or indeed skilled at this exciting game. Come one, come all.

To find out more information about the intramural department, you can visit the Intramural Web site at the UVU homepage, check the notice board opposite the Bookstore, or visit the department, also located opposite the bookstore.