What do Captain Kirk, a copy machine and the writing center have in common?

They are all part of a giant game of Clue, the classic murder mystery deduction game. In order to orient the campus community to the services it has to offer, the UVU library is using the format of this longtime favorite to host a competition. Students, faculty and staff are invited to search the library for hints and pointers that will lead to as a solution that can be turned in for a chance to win prizes in a weekly drawing.

An introductory video, available at the library website, introduces the game. Instead of finding out who killed Mr. Boddy, the story line centers around a theft in the library. The stolen object is unknown, as are who took it and where it was moved to. Through becoming familiar with the library, different clues can be unearthed. When all innocent characters, crime-free scenes and present items have been found, alibis fall apart and the real story unfolds.

“We thought it would be fun to have a scavenger hunt-type game,” says Lesli Baker, the Assistant Library Director. She feels that sometimes students are overwhelmed by the amount of resources available in the library and wanted to have a fun and engaging orientation. “We don’t want to be intimidating.”

The library is an overlooked resource in a lot of ways. More than just a place to read books without having to pay for them, it also has a large stock of movies, CDs, magazines and equipment available to its patrons. In addition, a variety of tutors, aides and librarians are present to help with research, papers and projects from start to finish. Whether you need help finding articles in a database or someone to check your grammar, the library has someone ready to answer your questions and give you helpful suggestions.

“We can help students with their lifelong learning,” says Baker. “Employers are really looking for people with research skills. We want to help students gain those skills.”

To view the introductory video and get started on the game, visit www.uvu.edu/library/podcast.html More information can also be found on the library’s Facebook page or by visiting the library.