Every five months or so, Velour Live Music Gallery in Provo transforms into a vintage-lover’s paradise for two days. Displays of discounted vintage clothing, home decor and retro jewelry fill the music venue.

On March 5 and 6, Velour hosted another vintage flea market, coinciding with Downtown Provo’s monthly Gallery Stroll. Vintage collectors and people just looking for a crazy find poured in to discover secondhand treasures.

Velour is familiar to many concert-goers in Utah Valley. On any other given weekend, the worn hardwood floors house crowds of hipsters. The exposed brick walls practically drip with condensation, and owner Corey Fox stamps hands and takes entry fees instead of trading vintage items for cash.

“I’ve been collecting vintage for 20 years, along with a few people in my circle of friends,” Fox said.

Two of the people in Fox’s circle of friends, Maht and Liz Paulos, owned Coal Umbrella, a vintage boutique located upstairs from Velour. They recently closed their business however, due to a declining economy and landlord issues.

“We started doing the flea market when Coal Umbrella was still in business,” Fox said. “They have this whole warehouse of stuff from different flea markets like the famous Pasadena one. It’s a good way to offer vintage at a discounted price.”

Some of the items at Velour’s flea market still have Coal Umbrella labels on them. The only difference is the price. Silk retro blouses were marked down from $20 to $8. One gorgeous mid-century vanity was only 80 dollars.

Worn Levi’s jackets went for $8, a tufted green velvet couch for $15. Lamps, dresses, vintage signs, leather jackets, fur coats, even old Pez dispensers and a mirrored Coke coffee table were all available and all cheap.

One vintage shopper, Aubrey Bond, found a pair of red leather boots for around $10.

“I just love vintage,” Bond said. “I come here with my roommates every season. I used to shop at Coal Umbrella all the time, so it’s great that they keep doing the flea market,” she said.

The Vintage Flea Market at Velour is open aboutw every five months on Friday from 12 p.m. to 12 a.m. and Saturday from 12 p.m. to 4 p.m. Follow Velour on Facebook for upcoming flea market dates at Facebook.