By: Samantha Ghan, Opinions writer, [email protected]

Five years ago I was asked to teach six three-year-olds. I taught them for three years. They were a huge handful and blessing in my life. They would run around like puppies chasing their own tails. It was extremely hard to plan lessons for them. I wanted to help these cute little minions learn something so they could understand. I would spend forever on lesson plans so that I could fulfill my goals that I had set for the children.

After the third year I moved to Arizona, so I didn’t have these monsters any more. While in Arizona, I realized that I missed them and wanted them back. But alas, I couldn’t.

When I finally did move back to Utah and started school at UVU, I decided that I wanted to be a schoolteacher, elementary school to be exact. I will earn my degree in early childhood education and later earn my degree in elementary education. Maybe I’ll do something with special education. I plan on doing all of this at UVU.

But I live in Provo, where Brigham Young University is the college of the city. I meet new people in my area, and they automatically think I am a BYU student. What would make them think that?

Just because I live one block from BYU campus does not mean that I attend that school, or that I ever will. I live close to BYU because the rent is cheap. Just what I need.

While living one block from BYU I have had a few BYU student roommates. My friend Chase wanted to join BYU’s dance program, but after trying out they would not let her enroll. She had to change her whole major.

As I learn of her experience I thought to myself, “NOBODY’S going to tell me what I can’t do!” I am my own person and if I want to do something then I am going to do it. For this reason, I will forever be a Wolverine.

While making this decision I called the BYU elementary education department to find out more about their program. The elementary education program is open enrollment, meaning anyone can get in if they meet the pre-requirements. It is open because there is such a high interest in the program. The early childhood education program, however, is closed enrollment. Same for the special education program. You have to apply to the program, and if you don’t get in you are screwed. You might as well transfer to another school to get that degree or just give up on your dreams.

UVU’s education programs, all of them, are open enrollment. You still have to have the pre-requirements, but you get into the program. The advisors are helpful at keeping you on track with your classes and what needs to be done before you start the program.

I will be a teacher and I will have my own classroom. Nobody can say otherwise. And that is why I will forever bleed green!