21 year old Nathan Packer is a Volleyball player on The UVU team and for anyone who has ever met Packer, they may say he has the unmistakable looks of a certain cultural icon spawned from the mind of Stephanie Meyer.

In his spare time, Nathan works at the Pleasant Grove Blockbuster where he is constantly asked if anyone has ever told him how much he looks like Edward Cullen.

“Yeah I do get that a lot, but it doesn’t bother me. I consider it a compliment,” Packer said.

Instead of running out for animal blood when he gets hungry, Packer usually runs to the Little Cesar’s for a five dollar pizza. His eyes don’t change color when he finishes eating, but the enjoyment is still the same.

Where Edward loves to play baseball, and the crack of the bat is similar to the sound of lightning, Packer’s game is volleyball, and it may not sound like lightening, but Packer can really serve a mean ball.

When it’s sunny in the town of Forks, Edward has to stay away from the general public otherwise they’ll see his mysterious glow. Packer served an LDS mission to the northwest corner of The United States in Seattle. When the sun did occasionally choose to shine, Packer wouldn’t have to hide, he glowed anyway, but that was most likely the glow coming from the spirit of service.

The second installment of The Twilight series, New Moon released to DVD on March 20. The local blockbusters held midnight release parties. And Packer was unable to attend the party due to Volleyball, but customers still had a good time. The Pleasant Grove store Manager, Kristin Zufelt started her party at 8 P.M. by showing the blu-ray version of Twilight on the store’s high def television. She also had free popcorn and cotton candy for all those who wanted to sit back and watch the show.

“Part of my job is making sure the customers are having a good experience in my store. Holding this release party is my chance to let the customers have a good time. “ Zufeit said.
After Twilight, New Moon was put in, and that’s when the crowd really started to show.

For all the fans of Stephanie Meyer’s series the store has many items you can buy to help you indulge in your fantasy. There are reversible pillows with Edward’s face on one side and Jacob’s on the other. There are also calendars, candies, shirts, cardboard cutouts, band-aids and of course the books, and the list goes on.

So for anyone interested in getting the New Moon DVD and meeting UVU’s own Edward look alike the Pleasant Grove Blockbuster is the place to be.