Many dance performances are so generic that when recounting the event it is difficult for audience members to recall what they’ve seen. This was absolutely not the case for last week’s performance by Vibe Productions titled “Move” and performed at Covey Center for the Arts.

“Move” was a immensely exciting production, choreographed and performed by an amazingly talented group of artists, some as young as eight years old.

Vibe, or Versatility in Body Expression, is a performing arts center that has been around since 2007 and is located in Lindon. While Vibe mostly trains young dancers, it also provides the opportunity for professionals to teach and perform, which helps them maintain their training for competition.

There are some big names associated with Vibe, such as Mark Ballas, Derek Hough and Chelsie Hightower, all of whom were contestants on “Dancing with the Stars,” as well as Thayne Jasperson who was on “So You Think You Can Dance?” In last week’s performance the group, well, moved the entire audience with their incredible talent.


The show also featured many inspirational pieces choreographed by some big names in choreography including Rick Robinson, Kellie Messerly and Alan Salazar, who are also artistic directors at Vibe.

“They are all very original, and they have big imaginations. If they think it up, the kids can usually pull it off. They are very creative individuals,” said Natalie Keys, office manager and instructor at Vibe and dancer in “Move.”

Vibe dancers are trained in latin, hip hop, ballet and ballroom dance styles. Their wide range of training obviously aided them in seamlessly pulling off the intricate and demanding choreography of the performance.

The audience was blown away by each number, and it only got better as the evening progressed. The gem of the evening was when the Vibe dancers performed a number entitled “Transformers.” The audience watched, hypnotized and unable to pull their eyes away as these young people displayed remarkable expertise with every move.

The emotions changed throughout the evening as the dancers moved flawlessly from one piece to next, keeping the audience constantly enthralled. Each piece told a story that the audience was able to connect with.

If Vibe is going to be known for productions like “Move,” then they will never have a shortage of captivated audiences.