DJ Markus Wing will be mixing the music for every social event for UVU this year. Photo credit: Dave Iba/ UVU Review

DJ Markus Wing will be mixing the music for every social event for UVU this year. Photo credit: Dave Iba/ UVU Review

Marcus John Wing popularly known as DJ Marcus Wing of Studio 600 has been contracted as official DJ for all UVU dances for the rest of the year.  As most people do, he has a history that led him to the present, and it’s time to solve the mystery.

“Personally I think he is great to work with,  he has helped to take UVU dance to the next level” said Jeff Oakden, the chair of activities for UVUSA. “He sets up early and he is always responsible for making the music sound great.”

“He has given us a good deal and we love him and his deal. He is well known and has a big network so through him, UVU dances can go to a different level,” said Kim Rasmussen, the Assistant Vice President of Student Life for UVUSA.  “Students will be able to get a discount at Studio 600 where DJ Marcus Wing works and apart from that, he rocks, everyone loves his songs.”

DJ Marcus Wing grew up in Alto Loma in southern California with his step dad who he says has always been a great support for him, his mom and three sisters.  Wing moved to Utah at 19 and thereafter served a voluntary mission for his church in Atlanta, Ga.

After his mission, Wing and a friend started a clothing brand and opened a store in the Bountiful area.   To make their small business better-known, Wing began throwing parties  and usual hired-out for  DJ’s.  However, he did not feel they did an adequate job and felt he could do better.  Wing had always had an outgoing personality and with that he started putting music together.

After working in Studio 600 as a security guard for some time, he asked the manager if he could DJ for the studio and was initially turned down.  He then gave CD‘s to the DJ’s at the studio and surprisingly all his songs were well liked by the crowd.  Eventually the DJ at the Studio left, and Wing’s offer was accepted.

“Jonny Fi showed me the basics, the more technical side of being a DJ  like mixing and then I started working regular parties once a month.  I do big college parties, especially since I’ve moved from Bountiful,” DJ Wing said.

One of the parties of Wing, which really made a hit, was the Neon party at Studio 600 in 2008, which will be happening once again on Jan. 22. From then he gained popularity in the  party scene. Wing has now been involved with this line of work for four years. DJ Wing has gotten contract not only with UVU, but also Utah State University and the New Year‘s Eve party put together by Salt Lake City.

“I don’t like it when parties are really slow and sexually charged. When I go to a party, I want to party,” Wing said. “I want people to dance, jump and have a party full of excitement so I try to reflex that in wherever I DJ. I don’t play songs that I don’t like and I try to be more of an entertainer to give students what they want.”

With his  busy schedule, there isn’t much free time, but when there is Wing takes advantage of spending quality time with his family.

“My wife is very understanding where lots of girls would be jealous because I stay out till late but she trusts me 100 percent, so if I am not busy I take my family out,” said Wing . “I am not a fake person so usually if I don’t like someone they know but I try to surround myself with good people.”

Next time you attend  a dancing event at UVU, remember who is behind the music and don’t be afraid to make suggestions and requests.

“UVU has given me this opportunity and UVUSA have been really nice and supportive of my other events. I just want to say thank you all,” Wing said.