It seems everyone loves to sing in the shower and for some of us, that’s probably where the singing should stay. For members of UVU’s Concert Choir, however, it is a completely different story; they are definitely a group that deserve to be heard beyond the walls of an apartment bathroom.

However, if you think your bathtime melodies are ready to leave home and be heard by more than just your roommates, this non-auditioned choir may be for you.

“We are always recruiting, always hoping for more people,” says UVU Concert Choir Director Connie Jensen.

UVU’s concert choir is open to any student wishing to participate, and they encourage anyone to join, regardless of  experience. This talented group will be having their end-of-the-semester concert at 7 p.m. on April 6 at the Orem Public Library, where admission is free.

“This concert is the student’s final. Because this is a performance class, they need to perform. We usually have a performance on campus at the Ragan Theater; however, we weren’t able to work it in this semester,” Jensen said.

These dedicated students take the time to add the chorale class, which is offered each fall and spring, into their busy schedules. They work hard at improving their vocal skills throughout the semester, culminating in this performance.

“There are people who do really well; despite the fact that this is a non-auditioned choir, many are very talented singers. Some come back every semester. I’ve been very lucky that way. I’ve even had some who will stick with it for the full four years,” Jensen said.

The choir is not limited to music majors either. They encourage everyone from all walks of life and study to join.

This choir that began with only about 12 members can boast that today they are quite a full ensemble, with around 50 members. And their talents don’t stop at singing — many play instruments like piano and violin, and a few of these students will play instrumental pieces as part of the upcoming concert.

“I will be soloing and our pianist, who is just excellent, will be soloing a piece,” Jensen said. “We will have a variety of things that will round out the program. We are known for that, being pretty eclectic.”

The concert will also, of course, showcase the students’ growing talent with a spectrum of music genres like folk and jazz, as well as spiritual and contemporary music.

“We will be singing a wide variety of music; we do spirituals and jazz. We have an alleluia, a sacred song, a Spanish song and other standard chorale pieces. The “Awakening,” is a nice piece that relates well to what is going on in our world today. We really do just a good mix of things,” Jensen said.

This well-prepared concert, with an eight-year choir veteran director, Jensen, will surely be a pleasure to attend. Come listen to the brave souls who decided to take their talent from the shower to the stage.