With the newly acquired university status, 58 bachelor’s degrees and three Master’s degrees, Utah Valley University has become a prime destination for educational pursuits.

According to the Department of Institutional Research and Information and surveys conducted from 2005-2009, over 96 percent of students who have attended this institution have attained their educational goals.

Statistics show that 95 percent of surveyed students who graduated with their associate degree plan to continue their education; 84 percent of surveyed students graduating with their bachelor’s degree also plan to continue their education. Half of the combined total of those students surveyed plan to continue their education at UVU.

UVU offers many outstanding programs to students from all walks of life. In addition to being well known for trades and hands on experience, several academic programs require students to participate in internships.

“About one third of the majors here at UVU require an internship and for the rest it is highly encouraged. It makes a huge difference in being able to find a job,” said Marsha Haynes, director of internships and student employment. “National statistics show that the starting salary of graduates who participated in an internship are much higher than those who don’t.”

President Matthew Holland encourages diversity within the student population and intends to maintain academic strength within the institution.

“I hope [to help] move the University from its transition as a state college to a bonafide university that’s respected throughout the region, if not the nation; that we will be seen as simultaneously staying open and welcoming of students and faculty of different places in life, different perspectives and background, but that we have solid unquestioned reputation for real academic excellence here in what we do,” Holland said.

Over 96 percent of students who have attended this institution have attained their education goals.

The goal for “real academic excellence” is already becoming a reality. Graduates have gained important skills to ensure their successful future. According to the graduating alumni surveys, “graduates rated their personal and intellectual growth highest in three areas: knowledge in their major field of study, critical thinking and communication skills.”

Many students have been involved in door-opening opportunities because they have completed their education at this institution. Whether it’s getting a bachelor’s in Art Education, a master’s in Business, winning a gold medal at SkillsUSA in screen printing, presenting cutting edge research on the H1N1 virus or traveling abroad to help those in need, all this can be accomplished at UVU.