Courtesy of Kimie Snapp

Courtesy of Kimie Snapp

As a capstone to their experience at UVU, the dance department’s graduating seniors have pooled their resources to create “Vox!,” a collaborative dance concert.
The concert will showcase ballroom dance, ballet, modern dance and dance education, with all pieces choreographed by dance seniors. The variety of styles displayed promises that all dance lovers will find something to enjoy.

The dance department’s graduating class this year is larger than ever before, so the performance was split up into two nights to accommodate all of the choreographers. Though the performances on Friday and Saturday include different pieces, the genres are evenly spread over both days.

There are four modern, two dance education, four ballroom, and five ballet students choreographing this year, some with more than one piece. Each of the 15 choreographers has had a different experience at UVU, and will bring something unique to the concert.

According to Kimie Snapp, a senior Dance student, this graduating class is marked by its diversity. “We have a variety this year. In the ballroom section there’s a married couple, and we have two professional ballerinas and one modern girl who just got into a professional company.”

Some students will be mixing genres for their pieces. One ballroom student will be using ballerinas, and another ballroom piece will be incorporating traditional Polynesian dance.

“The title ‘Vox!’ was chosen to represent all of our voices coming together as one,” said Snapp. “Producing this concert as a group has given us a chance to learn from each other and apply all the things we have been learning for four years.” Vox is the Latin word for “voice.”

Many of the performers were cast from the lower grades in the dancing department, but each senior is required to dance in a piece by another choreographer.

The end of each spring semester brings many senior project performances to UVU. Each year it is an exciting time for not only dance, but theater, art, design and music students. Concerts, gallery events and performances abound, all showcasing and celebrating the talent and education of UVU’s graduating seniors.

The concert will be in the Ragan Theater this Friday and Saturday at 7:30 p.m. Tickets, which can be purchased at Campus Connection, are $7 or $5 for students with a valid student ID.