“Yes. I would be me with out all the physical defaults. I could upgrade as technology improves and eventually become the Terminator.”
– Chris Drew,
Writer for The V

“No, I like my human body.”
– Audrey Moore, Designer

“No. It took my 23 years to get used to this body”
– Kelly Cannon,
Assistant Culture Editor

“Yes, and I would be quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys”
– Brent Sumner, Student Media Coordinator

“Yes, if I’m allowed to have breasts—human breasts”
– Sterling Gray,
Assistant News Editor

“If the robot body was like a transformer, I would.”
– Andrea Whatcott,
News Editor

“Yes I would. I would want a big robot body, so I can play basketball in the robot league. I would fight crime on the side.”
–Jarom Moore,
Assistant News Editor

“Yeah, but only if the body had an off switch that shut me completely down; Also if I could still do it.”
– Dave Newlin,