The election is over. All of the posters and banners that have feverishly campaigned in the past week are no longer cluttering the hallways and windows.

Trevor Tooke, Richard Portwood, Kyle Brown and Kim Rasmussen of Team UVoice are breathing easier with a victory against Najib Niazi, Jack Waters, Joseph Demke and Britnee Nguyen of Team Engaged.

Current Student Body President Joseph Watkins announced the winners to a crowd of approximately 50 students and faculty members on Feb. 4.

Watkins mentioned that this year’s election had a high voter turnout, rivaling the numbers of the 2004 election. 10.2 percent of the student body voted, or 2,191 out of an eligible 21,420 voters.

Winning the position of Vice President of UV Clubs was Krystal Guerra with 44 votes from club presidents on campus. 54 percent of the clubs cast a vote, or 61 out of an eligible 113. Also indicative of voter involvement, 20 more clubs voted in this year’s election than last.

Tooke made a short speech following the announcement and thanked Team Engaged for their efforts. “They had us really nervous the whole time,” Tooke said. He congratulated the team on their campaign and said he respected their efforts. Tooke said Team UVoice is excited to get to work after taking a short nap to rejuvenate after the long campaign.

With hugs and tears all around, Team UVoice then thanked the supporters that had joined them in the announcement.

Following the event, Watkins noted that the big turnout in voters surprised him. As his term as student body president comes to a close, Watkins said, “It’s not over till May 1. It’s been a great year.”

UVUSA Executive Council 2009-2010

Student Body President – Trevor Tooke

Student Body Executive Vice President –
Richard Portwood

Student Body Vice President for Academics – Kyle Brown

Student Body Vice President for Student
Activities – Kim Rasmussen

Student Body Vice President for UV Clubs – Krystal Guerra