Vehicles all over the state are sporting the new Utah license plates. The new design has replaced the old "Ski Utah" license plates but still sport the slogan "Greatest snow on Earth."

Although Governor Jon Huntsman Jr. signed the bill for the new plates in March 2007, the plates are just now gaining popularity since the old ski plates’ supply has run out.

A skier is still represented on the new plate, although featured more prominently than the older plate. Winter sports fans are happy to see the skiing tradition pass on to this license plate, seeing as how the ski and snowboard industry brings in almost $700 million to Utah’s economy each year.

The original slogan, "Ski Utah," has been replaced with "Life Elevated." The slogan tries to play on the diverse terrain of the state, reflecting not only the snowy mountains, but also the geographic range the state has to offer in its national parks.
Keeping southern Utah in mind, the designers of the plate also incorporated red rock petroglyphs on the new plates.

The minds behind the new design were that of graphic designers from the Deseret Morning News. John Clark, designer of the plate told KCPW News, "Our initial idea was to show the diversity of the state, the contrast. We felt like it was a really interesting metaphor to have both red rock and skiing on the same plate."

Drivers now have the option to pick either the new "Ski Utah" design or the Centennial Delicate Arch design that was introduced in 1996.