UVU IDs can double as UTA bus passes as of Aug. 1, just a few days before the new Utah Valley Express (UVX) opened on Aug.13. However, the new line is not estimated to be fully completed until October or early November, according to an announcement made July 26 at a joint meeting of the Provo Municipal Council and Orem City Council.

When first publicized, the project was not scheduled to be finished until spring of 2019.

The only new line for UVX that was completed by Aug. 13 is Provo’s 700 North corridor. The route running from University Parkway and University Avenue will be the next to be completed.

On Aug. 13, the buses started on the rapid student schedule — stopping more frequently at UVU. Buses will run every six minutes during morning and evening commute times, every six to 10 minutes during the day and every 15 to 60 minutes in the early morning and late evening.

UTA has designated UVX-only lanes, and has pushed to educate local drivers to not use those lanes. To accommodate ongoing construction of UVX, buses will use designated stops on the right side of the street, at or near permanent UVX stations. When the project is finished it will include new UVX stations, electronic real-time signage, dedicated bus lanes and traffic signals.

Photography by Johnny Morris

Instagram: @_johnny.morris_

Markell Woolstenhulme

News Writer/Photographer