Students rallied as MTV show’s cast proposed checking off one’s bucket list


Duncan Penn, Dave Lingwood, Jonnie Penn and Ben Nemtin knew exactly what they wanted to do, so they created a bucket list of items and have been checking those items off of their lists, one by one. On Tuesday, Jan. 17, 2012, The Buried Life made an appearance at UVU thanks to the UVUSA.


Heading up the event was David Millet, academic vice president of UVUSA, along with his assistant Danny Diaz. Diaz shared his thoughts with the audience about The Buried Life and the planning that took place behind their appearance at UVU.



“Everyone has been very excited for these guys to come, and we think they are relatable to us because they are really our peers, and are a great influence on UVU students,” Diaz said.


He said he was worried that there wouldn’t be a decent turnout at the event, but he needn’t have worried. With over 200 students showing up, it was fun, loud and full of energy. Some people came from as far as Logan just to see the cast.


To make for a grand entrance, Dave from the Buried Life entered the stage break dancing with everyone cheering him and his friends on. After the crowd settled down, The Buried Life began explaining their journey. They began as four guys wanting to accomplish life goals to four MTV stars who have not only accomplished and continue to accomplish their life goals, but have changed the lives of many around them.


The guys each have a bucket list full of very possible as well as nearly impossible tasks. In their TV show, The Buried Life, they work at crossing these tasks off of their lists.


Some of their accomplished tasks include streaking across a baseball field, opening the six o’clock news, becoming the CEO of eBay and more. The guys also work hard at helping others accomplish their bucket list items and have had success in doing so.


Full of charisma and humor, these four men are an inspiration to all. Once they finished their presentation, UVU students were asked to come up and tell the cast what they wanted to accomplish in their lifetime. One student said she wanted to become the CEO of Disneyland, and another wanted to streak at a BYU football game. This was a crowd favorite.


In the end, the guys said there are three things everyone must do in order to accomplish their dreams: make a list, go after it and help others.


Rachael Noxon is a UVU student who has been inspired by The Buried Life to pursue her life dreams. The items she has checked off her bucket list include being cast in an episode of Glee and taking an aerobics class with Richard Simmons.


The students who came enjoyed lots of laughter, some tears and many motivating and inspirational moments.


To see more of The Buried Life, catch up on seasons one and two on DVD.



Kari Harbath – News Writer