When October rolls around, we all think of the same things in Utah: haunted houses, corn mazes, Halloween and bad dates. For those of us who love these macabre ventures, nothing sounds better than some good old-fashioned devil music. Enter Alice Cooper, one of the earliest rockin’ rollers to be accused of Satanism, and his shock-rock prodigy Rob Zombie. They’re coming to Utah; what could be better?

Cooper has been in the music business since before this year’s freshmen were born. Some know him for his cameo appearance in Wayne’s World or by playing a few of his songs on Guitar Hero. Zombie is more contemporary and was even featured in the video game Twisted Metal 4.

Both of these heavy rockers are known for putting on a great show. Not only do they perform their music well, but they also enact various forms of violence and erotica.

One of Cooper’s more famous stunts is performing his own decapitation on stage. It looks so realistic that some believe that he actually dies and is then revived at the end of every show. Others more logically believe that he has been cloned. Zombie runs around the stage with his three-foot long dreadlocks swinging like intestines singing “Super Beast” while a monster rocks out on stage with him.


The crowd has also been known for their rambunctious behaviors as well. Girls, women and ladies have been known to flash their boobs even before the music starts, while the entire crowd gets ready for hours of moshing stopping only to spot the nearest exposed lady-lumps that are being spotlighted by the light and sound crew.

Considering their long-lasting fame, ticket prices, ranging from $45 to $75, are surprisingly inexpensive. These concerts are fun, but they aren’t the most family-friendly shows unless, of course, your family is ready and willing to face the zombie apocalypse. They will be performing at 6 p.m. on Oct. 4 at the USANA Ampitheatre.