“Putting up Christmas lights. From a scientific and rational standpoint, it is valueless and wastes an enormous amount of resources.”
—Matthew A. Jonassaint, opinions editor

“I think people trying to stop any of the religious or non-religious parts of the holidays, whether its Christmas becoming Xmas or not having people [say] happy holidays. I like Christmas and if you like Xmas you can have that if I can have Christmas.”
—Jarom Moore, news writer

“It’s not exactly evil, but I think it’s sad when people get so obsessed with plans and details that they don’t actually enjoy whatever they’re doing. Also, this can interfere with my ability to get delicious sleep.”
—Lindsey Linge, copy chief

“I think it’s ridiculous how people get so hung up on how much you spend on their gifts; if you don’t match up at least what they gave you then you are stingy or cheap. What’s wrong with people? Christmas is about giving, not receiving! Who cares how much it was spent!”
—Gladis Higginbotham, assistant news editor

“My mother gets me pink clothes and girly items she knows I will hate.  She uses the holiday as an excuse to force things on me in the hope of changing my taste.  I think gift giving should not have an ulterior motive or it can’t be called a gift.”
—Lorna Marie Larson, features writer

“Christmas didnt do anything but give us Jesus, and I think people forget about that.”
—Natalie Psuik, designer