Students have the opportunity for their student ID to double as a tap on/tap off pass for the UTA system. This includes buses, express buses, all TRAX lines and the new FrontRunner train connecting Salt Lake, Utah, Southern Davis, Weber and North Davis and Box Elder counties.

Passes for students are $20 compared to the $162 the UTA outlet charges.

New students with a UV OneCard/UV PlusCard can take their cards to Campus Connection in the Student Center and have it activated. Cards will be valid through Sept. 15, 2010.

Returning students who have a working pass can now renew their bus passes online. Log in to UVLink and click on “Renew your UTA Bus Pass” in the Online Services section of the Home Tab or the Student Services section of the Student Tab. Passes activated last year will deactivate Sept. 15, 2009.

If you are not sure what buses to take to school or when the bus times are visit to fill out from, to and departure time or arrival information and UTA will plan your trip for you. You can also find schedules and maps on their site.

Policy reminder: Bus Passes are non-transferrable. This means that only the cardholder and the person who owns the card can use the bus pass. If for any reason you lend your bus pas to another person or if the card is used by another person you will receive a three month suspension of your pass. If another person is caught with your card a second time after you have already received a suspension, you will not be eligible for future bus passes.