UVU’s Synergy Dance Company, along with the Department of Dance and the School of the Arts, present “Velocity,” an evening of dynamic and reflective contemporary dance.

The event will be held on March 6, with shows at 4:30 and 7:30 p.m. in the Ragan Theater. Tickets for the general public are $6 and students, faculty and staff pay $4. Tickets are available at Campus Connection by calling (801) 863-8797.

The concert will premiere “Lights, Camera, Dance!,” a Dance for Camera project that has been funded by a Center for Engaged Learning Grant. With the guidance of Amy Markgraf-Jacobson, Sarah Donohue and Will McKinnon, students created dance pieces that were choreographed, performed, filmed and edited specifically for the screen. Three unique dance films feature the subtle stirrings within UVU’s new library, as seen through the eye of the dancer and the camera.

“The Dance for Camera project has given these talented choreographers another medium to explore and discover,” said Markgraf-Jacobson, artistic director for Synergy Dance Company. “They have combined the immediacy, energy and mystery of dance with the intimacy of film. Working with this technology to create artistic visions is a relevant and exciting project to be a part of.”

The students will present the Dance for Camera project at the Utah Dance Education Organization’s Spring Conference in March.

The concert will also premiere six new vibrant contemporary works by students and guest artist Monica Campbell, former member of Diavolo Dance Theater. Performances will showcase the physicality of the human body, the human condition, the kinetic art of dance and the intimacy of film.

For more information on the Synergy Dance Company visit www.uvu.edu/dance/groups/synergy/index.html or contact Amy Markgraf Jacobson at 863-6394.