Suggestion: An extremely common suggestion for the Education Building is to bring in some kind of food cart that provides healthier food options for students to purchase.

Reply: It has been recognized by the administration and food services that there is a need for better food options in the Education Building. The main concern for bringing in a food cart is the cost and foreseeable inability to break even with revenue. We have petitioned food services to facilitate a trial run of the food cart. They are in the decision making process now. – Stephanie Hintze, Education Senator

Suggestion: Is it possible to get an ATM machine close to the Black Box Theater in the GT building? This would be helpful because of how far the other ATM machines on campus are from this arts-centered area.

Response: We took this request to UCCU and they have agreed to place one in the GT building. We are in the process of taking it to the space committee. Once approved, a location will be picked and it will be available to the public – Lindy Hager, Arts Senator

Suggestion: There needs to be more parking

There are a lot more students coming to UVU, and yes, the space is limited. Parking garages cost millions of dollars and are being discussed by the administration. Not only do we need to find the space, but we will also need to find the funding, which at the present time is more difficult due to the cutbacks. It is on the administration’s radar though. – Corrin Krogh, Technology & Computing Senator