Students got valuable tips from VP Val Hale.


Over 60 people, including students and professionals, gathered in Centre Stage last Wednesday, Jan 25, for an event sponsored by the Public Relations Student Society of America.


The opening social was a networking opportunity for the communication students to learn about the benefits of getting involved with PRSSA and to get personal professional help with their resumes from experts in communications from all around Utah County.


The night began with keynote speaker Val Hale, UVU’s VP of University Relations giving important tips for creating more attractive resumes. Hale talked about the job market students would be facing after graduation and how a good resume would factor in to a job search.


“Make sure it is easy to read and to show experience you have had that relates to whatever job you are applying for,” Hale said.


He also expressed that when he is personally looking at resumes to fill an opening, he recognizes applicants that “brand themselves” to stand out.


Following the keynote speech, students had 10 to 15 minutes with each of the professionals to get their resumes critiqued. Each professional gave input on what they thought was most important in a resume and, if the students wanted more help, they had the chance to sit down with them after the event for one-on-one attention to improve their individual resumes.


PR Student Laurie Neff talked about the benefits of working with professionals from the field.


“The experts that were here helping us had really good insights,” Neff said. “They didn’t tear our resumes down, they helped us build them up.”


A lot of the attendants were interested in applying for internships, since the second semester is such a popular time for that, but there were many seniors there as well, to get help for after graduation.


One of these seniors, PRSSA VP of Events Sarah Griener, talked about why she came to the social.


“I was very excited for this event because I graduate in April and I wanted my resume to be top notch before I send it to employers,” Griener said.


Since Griener’s sentiments reflected the positive comments from both the students and presenters, PRSSA plans to host more events like this throughout the semester.


If you would like more information on how to get involved with PRSSA or be in the loop about other events they sponsor, follow @UVUPR on twitter, or visit


By Cori Fox
Staff Writer