1. Pioneer Books: Best place for a book with a past

You know how Savers is totally ripping you off on used book prices? Pioneer Books offers trades as well as purchases with books that aren’t just the latest Dan Brown easily found in the clearance bin at some of those corporate booksellers. These books have history. Someone else has read the pages and may have laughed, cried, or been touched by the contents, or have had it down their pants when their hands were too full to carry it. Either way, this book has been places and is now in your hands to mold its future.

2. Velour: Best, or Worse Place to be SCENE? Or SEEN?

Whether or not you frequent Velour, it does give locals bands the chance to play their music, and that is nothing to shake your head about. Although it has been infiltrated by hipsters and kids there only in hopes of being seen, Velour does have a good atmosphere for jamming. The random, antique looking décor, alongside some weird carousel paraphernalia make Velour memorable and fairly chill, as long as you can handle the Provo royalty out to be seen.

3. Bangkok Grill: Best Thai Food

This State Street beacon never disappoints, at least not to my knowledge. Bangkok’s lunch menu is hard to beat. The food is cheap and delicious. The service is pretty good, as long as you have the time to hang out and eat for an hour or so. If you are in a hurry, get it to go because there is usually only one person taking orders, seating guests and bussing tables. If you like it when your Pad Thai bites you with a kick of spice, Bangkok gladly makes any dish as hot as you want it. Pricewise, it’s quite reasonable and the food is the best Thai in town, period.

4. Maestro’s Gelato Café- Best Place for a Cold One

With a prime location along Center Street and University Avenue, Maestro’s has certainly become a favorite place to get a snack. The hazelnut gelato is easily the best flavor (totally my opinion, but really, it’s amazing). They have 24 flavors each day and are usually trying out new flavors. You can sample as many flavors as you would like, but don’t be a jerk and hold up the line by trying more than two or three. Try the hazelnut. Do it!

5. Painted Temple Tattoo and Art Gallery- Best Place to Defy the Honor Code

Getting ink done is a big decision. Let the pros at Painted Temple take good care of you. Most tattoo places are local and Painted Temple has taken their location to heart. Their motto, “We cater to saints and sinners,” is only fitting for the shop in the heart of Provo, just off of University Avenue and 300 North. Specializing in both intricate and simple designs, the expertise of the guys at Painted Temple will have you leaving happy and bleeding. Not to mention, much less Zoobie.

6. The Deer Hunter- Best Place you need a Map to Find

This Spanish Fork treasure is a favorite amongst the cool kids in school. Check it out for $3 pints and free pool, shuffleboard and darts. The friendly staff also has time to kick back and talk with you like a long lost friend, not the kind of treatment you get in some crowded SLC bars. This log cabin pub is comfortable and makes you feel right at home, just make sure you Google map it the first time you go.