According to the American Association of University Professors, the current average salary for a college professor in the Mountain West region ranges from $53,259 to $106,521 a year. According to, the average full-time faculty salary at UVU is $55,576.

During these strenuous economic times, education has taken a big hit. Massive budget cuts are negatively affecting many of our favorite professors.

The salaries earned by professors here do not reflect their high level of education, which leaves many dissatisfied with their current pay.

“We get paid nothing. I get paid half of what they paid me 19 years ago when I was a public school teacher,” said math professor Robert Williams.

The professors at UVU are distinctly educated men and women, including many who have been teaching for over 30 years. Several professors even have a master’s or doctorate degree in two or more subjects.

According to Tom Perkins, a physical education professor, the teaching salaries here are below the regional average due to recent changes. As the former vocational school became a university, the demand for teachers increased.

“The issue is that we are going through a salary compression,” Perkins said. “The state doesn’t have enough money to give us funds.”

Many would beg the question of why these professors continue to teach if they are not getting paid what they are worth.

“This job is not so great financially. I would love to get paid more, but I teach because I love doing it,” said Grant Richard, a science professor.

Richard’s sentiment is echoed by many other professors, yet they continue to hope that education will someday gain greater funding.